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Mrs. Darth Vader's Lessons- Animal Totems- 8- Crow
Written by Mrs. Darth Vader

Keynote: The secret magic of creation is calling

Cycle of power: year round all day

Crow is considered the smartest of all birds. They can out wit other birds, animals and humans. There are 5 kinds of crows. The Raven is really a big crow. The difference between the two is only a matter of size. If crow shows up in your life you should look at the attributes of raven as well. Just as if raven shows up as a totem then crow should be studied. Both share the same traits.

Crows are black in color some times having hints of deep blue or purple. The crow because it is black it represents the color of creation and the womb in which the new life comes. Crow is a day time bird as is raven, so out of the blackness of night comes the new day.

Crows like their nests to be high on tree tops. It puts them in a location so they can see around them. If anything is a threat to them then they raise a ruckus and warn all in hearing distance. When crow is eating there will usually be one that is not eating perched high to warn the others. Crows can sense danger quickly and Justas quickly sound the alarm. Crows are psychically sensitive and will feel a bad aura or bad psychic wind blowing through. Crows have a complex language and caw in many different ways to warn other crows. They can " talk " to one another. If crow shows up, magic and creation are around and calling us.

The Great Horned Owl is an enemy of crow. Owls hunt at night while crow is asleep. If the owl finds the crows nest, it will be killed and eaten by great horned owl. Because the law of predation is important when dealing with totems, when studying crow medicine one should look at its opposite, which is the great horned owl. You look at totems and their opposite or the predator who eats it. If the totem is a predator you look at what it eats. This is called balancing medicine. If crow sees the great horned owl in the day, Crow will get as many crows in the area and mob the owl and chase it away. This insures the crow survives the night. Crows work together in the struggle to survive. A crow will eat anything. Crows are very adaptable which is why they survive. Crows will rob food from other birds, humans and any other place they can get food.

If you were to adopt a baby crow and it grows up with you, the crow is smart enough to develop a way to communicate with you. In the wild it is different. you see them all the time but you can never get close to them. This fact shows that most people, due to lack of awareness, lacks magic in their life. Magic is to bring your wishes into the material plane. How close the crow or raven gets to you is an important signal from that bird.

Crow makes itself as handsome as possible when mating. The male takes on a pleasant singing sound. It sounds soft and very different for crow. I was lucky enough to have mother and father crow in a tree out side my apartment door. I was on second floor which brought me closer to crow. When I heard the soft sounds I looked around to see what bird was making it. When I saw crow I was surprised. The male and the female both build the nest. They are extremely neat even the young crow.

If crow is a major totem for you, due to its great lore and mythology, you could have had a past life in one of the cultures where crow predominates.

Before our modern weathermen, Shamans would watch the animals to predict things like, tornados rains, hurricanes and other changes in the weather. The way groups of crows fly and other antics of communication would tell the shaman or medicine man coming events in the weather. Crow as other animals have a keen sensing as to what is happening in the world around them.

Crows to the Celts and the Alaskan Indian, created the world. The prophet Elijah was fed by crows and ravens when he hid in the wilderness to avoid Jezebel. To the Egyptians a pair of crows is happiness in marriage.

Crows are magical birds and remind us to look for magic all around us and to tap into the Force. Crow like raven will teach you deeply hidden and secret magic.

This is the crow part so I will stop here and post Raven next since they are one and the same totemically


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