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Mrs. Darth Vader's Lessons- Animal Totems- 5- Buffalo/Bison
Written by Mrs. Darth Vader

Keynote: Manifesting abundance through right action, prayer and magic spells

Cycle of power: Year-round.

A white buffalo was born in mid- September in the mid-western United States. Since buffalo is a very important totem to many American Indians I thought I would honor buffalo by putting this totem up. This white buffalo was male. The white buffalo is a leader symbol. Because this one was male, it predicts the coming of a male leader. Due to the fact that the buffalo is white means that it is magical. So in totem it predicts the coming of a male leader who is well grounded in the material plane but is also very magical.

The buffalo has four legs and are very powerful. The number four is a grounding symbol (meaning things with four are well grounded in the material plane). From a totem perspective, a person who is good at the material and mundane world of day to day life including politics combined with a powerful magician is very strong and undefeatable. Few people can balance the two. Usually people lean one direction or the other. For example; people who are very spiritual are usually bad at dealing with the world and are not very successful in the world. They usually are in lower positions on earth. On the other hand, people who have the physical mundane in their hip pocket are usually very successful and have the money and power to back it. They are usually atheist or dryly spiritual believing in religion lightly and going by books only. It is rare to have in the same person a balance of the mundane physical with a highly skilled and developed wizard. This is a true Palpatine. If buffalo comes to you as a totem, you have the ability to be a leader and also have spiritual and magical abilities. If you do not seem to have these abilities, than buffalo will bring them out or you will soon awaken these latent abilities in you.

The buffalo was a symbol of sacred life and abundance to the Plains Indians. In a Lakota legend a woman dressed in white buffalo fur appeared. She gave the Lakota sacred pipe which showed the people the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. She did for the Lakota what Yoda did for Luke Skywalker on Degobah. Remember when Yoda tells Luke how the rocks, the water, the land and the ship were all connected, well that is a modern tale of what white buffalo woman did for the Lakota. White buffalo woman taught both the men and the women of the tribe the mysteries of the earth and a proper path to live in harmony with the earth and all other animals. She showed how to do magic and prayer to bring forth abundance. When she left this woman rolled upon the earth and changed into a white buffalo calf then disappeared. After she left great herds of buffalo were seen around Indian camps.

The American Indian owed their very survival to buffalo especially those of the plains. They ate the meat. Used the fur for warmth. Most of the parts were used. Nothing was wasted. The American Indians only hunted the amount that was necessary to feed the tribe. Here they lived like all the other animals. They only took from the environment that which was needed. This allowed nature to continue its process. The Indians lived in harmony with nature. They did not disrupt the balance of nature.

The buffalo was a symbol of abundance and manifestation. If buffalo shows up as a totem it means you will get abundance if you do right action combined with prayer, magic, spells ect. to get it. It will not just drop in your lap. You still have to work to get this abundance. This work does not mean that you work to death because the buffalo is an animal that gets its food with the least amount of effort it can get away with. So use effort but not so much as to force it or you might come up empty. Buffalo flows with nature and is about the path of least resistance. So you do not have to struggle to survive if you get this totem. You will have to mix action with magic for best results though.

Buffalo has a massive head and shoulders. The hump on buffalo symbolize stored forces or reservoirs that can be tapped, be it physical or mystical. This reservoir can be tapped if we know how to use it. Meditate on buffalo if you do not know how to tap this source of power. Buffalo will show you how. The massive shoulders also implies you are to carry your own burdens and rewards but due to the great size of the shoulders the burdens should seem light and not overwhelming. Because the head is so massive this symbolizes the divine and the heavens. This is why you are to combine some effort with prayer and magic to get your abundance. Due to the fact that the head and shoulders are massive this symbolizes the combining the mundane with the divine.

If buffalo comes as a totem it means things will happen for you at the right time and place and a manner which is best for you if we stay in tune and let the Force flow us toward it. So if you do right action with the right spell you should be there to get the abundance and reward. Another wards; when your ship comes in you will be at the ship yard and not at the airport.

This totem is good to get for both Jedi or sith since the goal for both is to flow with the Force. This totem again reminds us to balance both the dark and the light side of the Force and do your efforts in according to as the Force wills and flows through you.

Here is a Buffalo.


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