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Mrs. Darth Vader's Lessons- Animal Totems- 4- Bobcat
Written by Mrs. Darth Vader

Keynote: Silence and Secrets

Cycle of Power: Late Winter and Spring, Nighttime

I thought I would add bobcat because it has many strong characteristics in common with owl. This is why I covered owl first and hawk second because owl, hawk and bobcat have a special interconnectedness and overlap. So if you get owl you want to study hawk and bobcat as well. The same is true if hawk look at owl and bobcat. If bobcat look at owl and hawk.

The bobcat has a short bobbed tail. The tip of the bobcat's tail is black and the underneath is white. This symbolizes the ability to turn on and off at will the life forces or the Kundalini. Because of this control of the Kundalini energies this symbolizes a certain detachment from the earthly which makes bobcat a Darth Vader totem. Bobcat is in the helmet and the hot fires of Mustafar have cooled and are now controlled at will. The person with this as a totem will learn from bobcat the mysticism of sex and sex magic. This is a balanced Tantrist. Like Darth Vader, you will be able to use the Force at will and equally obey the will of the Force. Remember the hospital scene in Episode III. This is spiritual resurrection symbolism. Here Palpatine is a symbolic representative of the dark side of the Force itself. Palpatine asks Darth Vader "Can you hear me?" and Darth Vader says "Yes Master.". We know from then on Darth Vader humbly bows to Palpatine and calls Palpatine Master and obeys the will of Palpatine. Darth Vader being Shiva the destroyer is full of Kundalini as much as Shiva(creator, sustainer/ Anakin). The only difference is he(Vader) now has a protective suit of armor (symbolically the full armor of God). Shiva is also highly electrically charged as Anakin and as Darth Vader in the suit. As Vader there is a deep sadness with in because he knows he is to enact judgment.

Because I understand totems and the god (archangel) Shiva, I know that even in the helmet Shiva(Vader) can use Force lightening. This is where knowledge of the Sanskrit is helpful. Konstantinos in his book " Nocturnal Witchcraft" confirms this by describing Anubus (his name for the god shiva or archangel of death) as highly electrical but sad.

The tail is always a symbol of the Kundalini and primal life force. Bobcat will teach you sex magic and how to do it in secret. Secrecy is important if you have bobcat as a totem because like owl you see inside others and know their secrets. Doing your magic in secret is also what bobcat will teach. Bobcat uses the cloak of darkness and secrecy.

Like the Sith, bobcat will teach you to project and utilize the life force(death force) in silent but powerful ways. This is illustrated when Darth Vader chokes Admiral Ozzel. Vader is talking to Ozzel first then talks to the other person for a bit then says you are in charge Admiral Viet all the while choking Admiral Ozzel. On the surface it looks like only a conversation is taking place but obviously Admiral Ozzel is being choked. In the real world those with bobcat as a totem might want to be more secretive than portrayed on Star Wars. Bobcats power is best if others do not know. Speaking about the spell you just did dissipates its power. Bobcat will teach you when, what and how much you can say. This lesson is most important concerning what you talk about for two reasons. One being that others confide in bobcat and you do not want to talk behind peoples back because in the case of bobcat it will land on bobcat not the other guy. Two is because things that bobcat people say will be distorted and blown out of proportion by those who do not like you. What may be white to bobcat person will be perceived as black by others and vice versa. This is the old when Anakin says the Jedi are evil but the other person like Obi-Wan thinks you are evil. This is the old, you can't win this one so bobcat people have to watch what they say and when they say it and to whom they say it to.

The bobcat has tuffs of hair on their ears and side burns. The bobcat has been mixed up with the lynx. The lynx is greyer than bobcat.

Bobcats mate in late winter early spring. They only get together for mating. They then promptly separate. Due to the solitary nature of bobcat, people trust them with their secrets. So if you are bobcat, keep the secrets that people trusted you with. Again due to the solitary nature of bobcat in combination with control of the Kundalini this is a mediator, hermit type like when Darth Vader goes in his meditation chamber to feel the Force. Darth Vader preferred to be alone like bobcat only coming out to run the Command Ship Super Star Destroyer. In bobcat commander and mediator are combined. Bobcat people are clearly second in command people needing a powerful master Palpatine above them who trusts them. This way if the bobcat person is under a Palpatine/ Lenin bobcat is protected from the distortions and roomer mongering around because if the talk reaches Palpatine's ears, The Palpatine will rightly blow it off and side with bobcat (Vader). A bobcat with a Palpatine commander is fiercely loyal. With out a Palpatine, bobcat people usually are total hermits, livening in the woods or as far as they can get from other humans.

Bobcat is a livening sensing being. Its eyes are able to see at night. Like the owl, bobcats and the people who have bobcat as a totem, have the ability to easily see what others want to hide. They can see between the lines, the subtleties and notice every thing. Their Whiskas are sensitive as well meaning they can sense energies in the objects and people that they rub against. People who have this totem will be able to do this as well. This is Darth Vader being able to feel and sense everything around him using the Force. Do not let the helmet fool you, he can feel you through the helmet. The fact that bobcat has tuft ears is also important because these tufts are highly sensitive connecting bobcat to clairaudience (the ability to hear the Force speaking). Remember Palpatine asks " Vader can you hear me?" And Vader says "Yes master.". In bobcat Darth Vader hears all too clearly.

Bobcat sees all, including that which others do not want them to see. Because bobcat can know too much about a person in an instant because bobcat easily traverse the entire expanse of Jacobs ladder or they easily travel from the top of the Keter where the Force is to the bottom of the material plane to the hells this makes people instantly hate you and most people you meet will be your enemy because they have something to hide and they do not want you around. Because of this instant clash, bobcat people tend to be banished from human society. Due to this banishment, they lie and wait for a Palpatine to come and rescue them to change their status. Revenge is desired by bobcat people and they can not wait to get their teeth and claws into society and the people who hurt them. If you get this totem than you are Darth Vader. This totem is the epitamy of who Darth Vader is. All this ability to see into the spirits of others directly links bobcat to owl. Both owl and bobcat share the night.

"The bobcat can see very well in the dark, and its hearing is acute. Often times, bobcat people choose to be solitary because they hear, see and feel so much hidden garbage about people around them that they begin to believe all humans are like this." Ted Andrews, "Animal Speak". This quote shows what some bobcat people do. If they choose to be a hermit before the banishment thing happens they might quietly stay away not taking revenge action. By leavening soon enough, bobcat people can spare themselves the anger that will happen as a result of waiting too long. Bobcat can teach you how to be alone with out being lonely. The bobcat is at one with himself. Bobcats need no company. Here is where bobcat is like the Shoalin monk needing no company and at one with himself. But bobcat is no Jedi because bobcat will aggress and lash out. This is a totally Sith totem. It is the embodiment of Darth Vader in particular.

The bobcat lives under rocky ledges and in piles of rocks. This cat lives in the United States. Unfortunately it is endangered. The symbolism of rocky terrain should be studied for those with bobcat totem. Bobcat is not very fast but they can leap 6 to 8 feet. This is one totem who can make the great leap foreword. Bobcats have a litter of about 4 and they are born in the spring. By seven months they are able to hunt on their own. By nine months they are ready to leave the home and totally survive on their own. The mother starts training young bobkittens early. The bobkittens learn easily and quickly all necessary knowledge for survival. Remember in Episode I, Anakin says "This controls the pitch." and the pilot says "You catch on quick." Here Anakin was bobkitten. And like bobcat his destiny was to become Darth Vader.

When bobcat comes to you as a totem expect learning formal or informal to be over the course of seven to nine months long. At the end you will have that which you need. This Vader thing is for those with bobcat as a life totem. If bobcat comes as a temporary totem, you will need to use the Force and your instincts to determine what bobcat is saying to you.

Always remember there is two ways a totem will appear. 1, is a life totem meaning it is your essential nature and your permanent guide. 2, a short term totem like a quick warning or fast instruction but not perminant. For example brown spider is not my life totem but brown spider will show up to warn me if someone is going to bite me (symbolically speaking) and the bite will get worse before it gets better. Here is a Bobcat.

This shows the tufts of fur extending from the top of the ears. The puffy fur around the face destinguishes Bobcat from the Lynx.


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