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Mrs. Darth Vader's Lessons- Animal Totems- 19- Wolf
Written by Mrs. Darth Vader

Keynote: Guardianship, loyalty, and ritual spirit.

Cycle of power: Year-round- Full moon- Twilight.

The wolf is a very expressive animal. They have many facial expressions, postures, growls and tail positions to talk to other wolves, and sometimes to talk to other animals. Due to this, wolf is very good at getting his ideas across. The same is true of wolf people. For those who have wolf as a totem they usually talk with their hands and have no trouble getting their ideas across to the human world. Wolf people tend to be leaders and statesmen. It is up to the people who have wolf as a totem not to abuse their natural leadership abilities and always remember to balance freedom and authority.

Wolf is friendly, highly intelligent and very social. Unlike people think, the wolf is not just a heartless terrible animal, even though in the Bible the wolf is connotated with the devil. This is due in large part to the fact that the Bible people herded sheep, and wolf would kill the sick and the weak sheep, so the shepherds saw them as bad. To the shepherd, the wolf was eating their livelihoods. Wolf, like any other predator, has to kill its food to eat. They cannot just go to the grocery store to make the kill look good.

Wolf has strong family bonds and is fiercely loyal. Wolf also lives by carefully defined rituals. On the other hand, the wolf embodies the wild spirit and unspoiled wilderness. This is an interesting thing about the wolf. Wolf balances two opposites and blends it very well. The old discipline and freedom. Wolf can be both a dictatorship at times then flip when necessary to democracy. Wolf can teach the lesson of proper government. Every wolf knows their place in the pack.

Wolf breeds in winter and two months later will have their pups. The whole pack is involved in rearing of the pups. The adults will play with the pups. If parents are too sick to raise the pups another wolf will adopt them. Other wolves do babysitting duties. The pack is affectionate to the pups. Wolves mature at 22-24 months. If wolf comes in your life expect this cycle to be significant in some way.

Contrary to popular belief, wolf does not run around looking for fights. They avoid it. This is not due to cowardice, but intelligence on the part of the wolf. Glances, postures and growls are all that is necessary to determine dominance. Wolf naturally follows the "no power wasted" rule of the Sith. Why fight when a growl will do? Ease of motion. When push comes to shove, the wolf is capable of fighting and will do it successfully. Wolf teaches you to have confidence in yourself and your abilities, and how to signal to others your abilities without having to prove it to others.

Wolf will hunt deer as its preferred prey. It usually eats the sick and weak. The wolf eats all its prey in one sitting. They gorge themselves hence the saying "wolf it down". If wolf shows up, they teach you to make use of what is available to you and not to waste anything. Keep the spirit alive is what wolf is saying. Wolf will also eat moose.

Raven will sometimes hang around wolf packs. Wolf and raven has been seen playing with each other. The wolf will use raven to spot prey. The raven being high in a tree can see further than the wolf and is very helpful. Wolf will reward raven by sharing the kill. This cross-species cooperation can teach much.

Wolf has 100 times the sense of smell that humans have. The sense of smell in psychic terms is usually the ability to discriminate (as in to separate and discern, not prejudice). Does something smell right? This sensing is what you should pay attention to. If you feel something is off, go with your intuition. Do not just blow it off. You have good intuition if wolf shows up.

Wolf has both inner coat and an outer coat. This gives them the appearance of largeness but in reality they are about the size of a healthy German Shepard. The fur or hair of an animal is considered a symbol of psychic abilities. Since wolf has both outer and inner coats, you should be well endowed with psychic abilities. Also due to the two coats, wolf has the ability to reflect archetypical forces associated with psychic insight.

If wolf shows up, it is time to breathe new life into your rituals or find a new path altogether. Are you boring yourself by your own religious practice? Wolf can help bring new life to your religion or find a new, more appropriate religion that truly fits you, not what others dictate. Remember, there is wild and free side to wolf.


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