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Mrs. Darth Vader's Lessons- Animal Totems- 18- Tiger
Written by Mrs. Darth Vader

Keynote: Passion, power, devotion, and sensuality.

Cycle of Power: Nocturnal (nighttime), full moon, and new moon.

There are many kinds of tiger. The Bengal and the Siberian to name a couple. All tigers are known for their ferocity and power, the most aggressive being the Siberian tiger. Tigers, unlike other big cats, are excellent swimmers. They even like the water. This is unusual in the cat family since most cats do not like the water. The fact that tiger is excellent at swimming and likes the water ties it to the water element. All the attributes associated with water will come to bear with tiger.

When mother tiger has her cubs she teaches them how to hunt. She is also very devoted to the care of her cubs. Most tigers are loners, only getting together to mate.

The Siberian tiger originated in north-east Asia. Tigers have very large territories. The Siberian tiger travels far without getting tired. It can travel great distances in a single day. Tigers will prey on all types of animals, but wild boar ends up being eaten frequently. If tiger shows up as a totem, a look at wild boar would be beneficial.

The Bengal tiger lives in southern Asia. Since the Bengal tiger's main prey is deer, deer should be looked at if Bengal tiger is the form of tiger your totem took. Bengal tiger has many lairs, but only one is used to raise the cubs. When the cubs are eight weeks old, they join their mother on the hunt. By six months, they have learned how to kill, but can not live on their own yet. The Bengal tiger becomes capable of feeding and taking care of itself by sixteen months old.

Tigers hunt slowly and silently like all big cats. They crouch and sneak up upon their prey, then pounce. This tactic should be meditated on for anyone who gets tiger as a totem. This is where all cats have common ground. We have all seen our pet cats crouch, sneak, then pounce. With tiger, once it has pounced, it will fight fiercely, relentlessly, and unceasingly until victory is achieved. Tiger, especially Siberian, is not known for backing down on a fight.

Tigers, like most cats, hunt at night. If tiger is your totem, you might find that your most productive hours are at night.

The black and gold coloring on the tiger links it to the full moon and the new moon. The gold is representative of the full moon and the black is the black of night on a new moon. This gives the tiger links to the feminine energies of night and moon. It would help to study the energies and lore associated with the moon if tiger shows up as a totem.

Tigers have sleek and powerful muscles. They also have a thick coat. These features stimulate thoughts of sensuality. If tiger comes into your life, you will gain sensuality and sensitivity to touch.

Tiger is a powerful symbol with much Kundalini. It is the femine symbol for creator, sustainer, and destroyer. Tiger stands for Kali which is the female equivalent of Shiva. She is the goddess (archangel feminine) creator, sustainer, destroyer, sexuality, and death. Remember, in the Hindu tradition there is a female god (archangel, angel) for every male god (archangel, angel). This is like a female Anakin/Vader for every Anakin/Vader. As a female I will gladly volunteer for the job of Mrs. Anakin Skywalker and Mrs. Darth Vader.

In China, the tiger is one of the zodiac symbols. It is considered colorful, unpredictable, adventurous, powerful, and passionate. Unpredictable, Obi-Wan once said that of Anakin. Anakin is in good company with tiger. In China, the tiger is both a symbol of the darkness and the new moon and the brightness and full moon. In Chinese lore there are five mythic tigers: 1, the red tiger which is the symbol of the south, summer and fire; 2, the black tiger is a symbol of the north, winter and water; 3, the blue tiger is a symbol of the east, spring and vegetation; 4, the white tiger is for fall and all metals; 5, the yellow tiger which is considered supreme of all five. The yellow tiger is the ruler of the earth and all energies upon it.

If tiger has entered your life, you can expect new adventures. It will awaken new passion and power in your life. If you seem a little slow and listless, meditation on tiger will help get the blood moving again.

Tiger is also a fighting style in martial arts. This is the totem side. If you are taking tiger style martial arts it might help to read about tiger then meditate on its assets. In Chinese thought, it is considered helpful to meditate as well as do kicks and punches. In the movie "The Last Samurai", Nathan Alderage (Tom Cruise), in one scene, finally decides to meditate and feel the Force before fighting his practice opponent. After he does this Tom Cruise finally comes to a draw against his practice opponent. Nathan Alderage (Tom Cruise) eventually masters the way of the Samurai. I know this is only a movie but it did clearly illustrate how your martial arts, your meditation and your allowing the Force to flow through you can work in unison. This is what both Jedi and Sith are trying to do.


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