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Mrs. Darth Vader's Lessons- Animal Totems- 15- Rabbit
Written by Mrs. Darth Vader

Keynote: Fertility and new life.

cycle of power: Year round because the rabbit stays in its habitat all year round as opposed to migrating.

The rabbit is perceived in many ways. Some cultures see it positive like the Greeks and the Egyptians. Others like the ancient Hebrews saw the rabbit as unclean and lascivious.

In china, the rabbit is associated with getting the powers of the moon To someone born in the year of the rabbit. Rabbit people are sensitive, artistic, ambitious, into fitness and virtue. If this totem comes, these are the qualities associated with it. Usually the person who gets the rabbit as a life totem has these qualities. If not, you can work with rabbit to help you gain them.

Rabbits are one of the most common prey animals so they reproduce alot. They live in the thickets and tall grasses. The rabbit is good at hiding to survive. An animal's natural habitat and its tactics for survival are important when studying totems. The animal teaches you how to use its tactics in your situation when the animal enters your life. This is why totems are both spiritual and earthy because there are spiritual traits associated with each animal and earthy traits.

From the time a rabbit is born till it is able to survive on its own is 28 days hence the importance of the moon. This also implies all the famine lore that goes with the moon. Rabbits leap and hop plus the 28 day moon cycle, your life will be affected by the 28 day cycle. Projects will mature in that time. The hops and leaps are erratic not step by step.

Rabbits can freeze and be completely still so predators who see by detecting movements do not notice them. This freezing means if you are doing a project, keep your movements secret until you are ready to reveal the results. If rabbit comes it is good to fallow its advice, or any other totem for that matter. Your sensing and the Force will guide you as to weather the totem is a warning, thing you need to fix or a conformation of things done.

Rabbits eat only vegetables meaning you may need to add more vegetables in your diet. Are you eating your vegetables? That is an example of a question you should ask, if rabbit turns up in your life. By tuning into the lunar cycle with the help of rabbit, it will help you to be more fertile as in the projects you do.


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