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Mrs. Darth Vader's Lessons- Animal Totems- 12- Hawk
Written by Mrs. Darth Vader

Keynote: Visionary power and Guardianship.

Cycle of Power: Year Round

We all heard the saying "He has the eyes of a hawk". This expression talks of people who never miss a thing. They see everything. The hawk and its night time equivalent, the owl have the best eyesight of all raptors. Raptors are birds of prey. Hawks are messengers, protectors and visionaries of the air. Hawks live in many different environments. The environment that your hawk is from will help determine its role in your life. Or if your hawk is seen outside its usual environment. When out side the lessons usually involve some sort of adaptation for you to learn. Some hawks live in marsh lands. The marsh lands usually symbolize the underworld and places of testing. This place is where you would meet "Terrible Brother" tough guides that help you on your path. Here is where the marsh lands are similar to cave because the cave is the origin of " Terrible Brother". Some hawks live in the forests. Like all animals the hawk has many environments in which they live. There are many varieties of hawks. People have trouble identifying each species of hawk but they can look at the bird and say that it is a hawk.

The male and the female hawk of the same species usually have similar coloration. The female is the larger because she guards the nest. Many hawks mate for life. The red-tailed hawk is an example of a hawk that mates for life. Even though the female red-tailed hawk guards the nest, the male does actively help raise the young. The male gets the food for the family. When the female sounds the alarm, it is the male who will chase away the threat while the female stays planted next to her chicks as a last defense. The male will valiantly fight any threats away doing spectacular flight stunts to fend them off. Here is the day shift Anakin in action.

The red-tailed hawk is named for its feathers since they have a red tail. If you get this as a life totem when red-tailed appears your Kundalini will awaken or recently has awakened. The Kundalini is at the base of the spine or coccyx. The red tail is symbolic of the awakening of this chakra. This is the seat of the primal life force.

Red-tailed hawk is part of a group of soaring hawks. This means you have the ability to soar effortlessly. This soaring is not always appreciated by others. The red-tailed is sometimes harassed by smaller birds, the most guilty being the mocking bird. The fact that smaller birds harass the red-tailed is significant because it does show that people who are smaller in stature spiritually might interfere with your ability to soar. These people do not understand your varied use of your abilities and creative juices and how you express them. If this is your totem, you may feel like Anakin with his many talents that no one appreciates. This can cause great anger if the society you live in never allows you to soar as is natural to this hawk and the people who have this totem.

Red-tailed hawk is a permanent totem because it usually stays in its area year round. Red-tailed usually does not migrate but it has migrated on occasions.

The diet of the red-tailed hawk is diverse depending on the environment it lives. For example if red-tailed is in the Midwest prairie area he will eat rabbits, rodents and snakes. In the eastern U.S. red-tailed will add some birds like dove to its diet. I once was walking under a tree when red-tailed hawk dived into the tree not even getting caught in the foliage. His prey was a morning dove. The hawk flew so fast, grabbed the morning dove so fast it did not even have time to squawk or cry out. The red-tailed was gone with the bird instantly killed in the twinkling of an eye. It even took me several minutes to figure out what I saw.

Red-tailed hawk has ties to the Kundalini and with the Kundalini is Shiva ( Anakin/ Vader) you will have greater energy in your life. The opening up to this archetypical force means an intensity of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual forces in your life. This bird is a catalyst for new hope and new ideas. If the winds have become stagnant and still red-tailed hawk will be the one to fly in and stir up the kettle. This bird symbolizes a new order of doing things is coming. It will also teach you balance of dealing with the earth and the flights of the heavens. Red-tailed is a symbol of coming into your true destiny. This bird will take you down the path that is meant for you to take. Here again Anakin is in common with red-tailed hawk since he had a specific destiny to for fill. Anakin (Shiva) is the animation principle of life and no life can exist at all without Him/Her(Kali). Anakin's energies are predominate in nature. This is why so many animals have some link to Anakin or Darth Vader. Totems are natures way of teaching awareness. What ever path you are on Jedi or Sith using awareness is essential and the animals are always willing to help.

To the Pueblo Indians, red-tailed hawk is considered a healer. The Ojibwa saw red-tailed hawk as a leader, deliberator and one who has foresight. This is a leader who can see into the future. Here hawk has a touch of Palpatine who can see future events. Also the Anakin who has premonitions. Again here is where hawk is like owl and sees really well.

All hawks have strong beaks and talons and when a hawk swoops down on a snake, it grabs it quickly with one of its talons. Then takes off in flight and as it takes off it with the other talon tares the snake's head off. All this happens in a matter of seconds. A hawk attacks an enemy with the same vigor. Because of this, hawk is a powerful totem so if hawk is your totem, you will have the power to kill and tear your enemies with your words. You have to think twice before attacking because you will end it there and then.

Red-tailed hawk is brighter in color in the summer and duller in the winter. This is the norm, but there are exceptions. A red-tailed hawk named Pale Male is light in color year round hence the name he got by the human observers of this hawk. Pale male lives in New York city. There is even a documentary about this hawk called "Pale Male". Due to the change in color this is to remind you to shine at times and to back off at other times. It also is a reminder of balance and the middle way. This is the Buddhist side of hawk. First Red-tailed Hawk. There many verities of Hawk. I could never post every kind of hawk. I only got a small sample.

Hawks and owls see the best of all raptors. Many hawks share the same territory as certain owls. I put the hawks that goes with owls here because the owl thread is already huge. There are two falcons listed because they share with the owl. It is good to look at both owl and hawk to get the full picture. The following hawks share with certain owls.

First hawk is red-tailed hawk which shares it's territory with great horned owl.

Great Horned Owl:

Next is red-shouldered hawk which shares with barred owl.

Barred Owl:

Next is American kestrel which shares with screech owl.

Screech Owl:

Next is northern harrier hawk which shares with short-eared owl.

Short-Eared Owl:

Next is the gyrfalcon which shares with snowy owl.

Snowy Owl:


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