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Mrs. Darth Vader's Lessons- Animal Totems- 11- Dragon
Written by Mrs. Darth Vader

Dragons are mystical and magical. They are the highest spiritual power and the oragans of life through out history. Dragons are winged serpents. they are powerful and highly complex symbols. In general dragons have the same symbolism as the snake, just bigger and more of it.

Dragons represent the merger of the serpent ( Matter ) and bird ( Spirit ) and as such symbolized the physical manifestation of spirit. The dragon is a balance symbol because it embodies both matter and spirit. This makes it a wholestic symbol and well grounded. If you can master the secret of how far you can get with the spiritual and magical with the material world that is a true magician. Here is where Palpatine is clearly represented in dragon because Palpatine truly knows the world and can manipulate and gain control using his world knowledge to gain power and control. On the other hand Palpatine does use his Force powers when necessary. He uses each when necessary interchangeably.

Dragon has four clawed feet this symbolizes worldly or earthly power and authority. The dragon's wings symbolize his spiritual and magical powers. This being for good or ill depending on the dragon in question. The dragon has the ability to soar to great heights of spirit and bring that spirit down to earth. Like all serpent symbolism, the dragon has all the positive and negative traits attributed to them. In the book of Revelation it is dragon who tries to destroy the woman who is pregnant and clothed in the sun. This dragon pursuits her hoping to devour this child. Dragons have symbolized very high spiritual things and things of the Force. On the other hand the dragon is connotated with the Devil or Satan. So dragon, like crow, has complicated and contradictory symbolism.

The Chinese see the dragon differently. Dragon medicine will teach you to ride the wind. This is your meditation abilities. You will be taught how to meditate better if dragon comes into your life. Dragons can also help you master astral travel.

Because dragon breath fire they are considered spiritual purifiers. Dragon medicine is powerful and should be handled with respect. The purging of the bad elements in your life could be painful as fire is painful to the touch spiritually. When things are burned away it is to prepare for the birth of the new. This powerful medicine can feel like a rough ride of the runaway emotions. You could feel like Anakin on Mustafar being burned alive. How dragon appears to you is very important if you get this totem. If dragon is a major totem you are different than the mainstream. You have a very passionate nature. Here is where dragon as a symbol is like Anakin. You have abundant health and are full of vitality, at least to start with. Others can destroy this vitality and you can be ripped to shreds. Dragon people can be encouraged by their parents or destroyed by their parents depending on the decisions your parents make. Parents should teach their dragon children to enjoy their fanciful side while balancing the ability to survive in this world independently.

Dragon people need the balance of fantasy with reality. They need to be allowed to reach their goals unfettered. Dragon people should never be squelched or held back by their parents. If you smother dragon you miss out of all the talents, joy and power that the dragon brings. Your nation looses good vital people. Dragons destroyed have nothing better to do than to seek revenge and devour. If you are wise, you will nature your dragon people well and get much in return. If not they will lie and wait for their chance to strike back. Remember, like a high powered snake, dragon always hits its target.

Dragon is a fighting technique in Kung-Fu. In the ancient days martial arts was done differently than today. It used to take half a life time to master one system. Meditations where a part of your martial arts. You were expected to observe the animal you chose as your style. Of course dragon martial artists had to use snake, lizard and some birds in order to in body all of dragon since dragon is mythical. But the usual was to choose the animal that represented the system you are studying. For example if you are studying Crane system of Kung-Fu you not only practiced your moves but you sat silently, meditatively watching a crane in action in the wild. You were to observe his movements and master them. It seems that Hannigan is attempting to bring the knowledge of the ancient Kung-Fu with the modern.

Dragons are red or green in color and are reptilian in nature. They are generally a cross between a very big lizard and a snake with wings that breath fire. Always the dragon is a symbol of tremendous power. Dragons seem to be a composite animal taken from more aggressive, dangerous and powerful animals, this includes the prehistoric.

In many myths the dragon symbolizes the big and powerful enemy or adversary in which the hero has to over come. This form of dragon is used in the Bible and linked with the Devil or Satan meaning adversary. In medieval history this view of the dragon or Basilisk is prevalent. In Harry Potter the dragon has to be out maneuvered in order to get this golden egg to find out what the next task Harry has to perform in the Try-Wizards tournament. Here again the dragon is the deadly advisory blocking the hero from his quest. The basilisk is another form of the dragon and here is associated with Tom Riddle (Voldemort) in book II of the Harry Potter series. Here it is associated with the worst traits of a man. The dragon here is associated with the wallowing cruelty of a torturer who gets pleasure out of the pain of the victim. The cold sadistic cruelty of Voldemort is revealed in the Harry Potter series especially in the books. Dragon and snake is clearly shown in its murk stave or in a very bad way here.

The Babylonians believed Tiamat to be a dragon, known as queen of darkness, who had a scaley body impervious to all weapons. This fierce women is like the Bible's Whore of Babylon. Here the two religions describe the same evil woman just using different symbolism. Both wallow and enjoy the suffering of the one they torture and both kill many. Both use a magic that is hard to defeat and many died in the struggle. Some how this dragon lady defies laws of spirit and magic that others are bound to obey but She some how rides over all the laws and grows in power and arrogance until one day the Force (God) itself has to deal with her. In the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, She is portrayed as the Ice queen of Narnia. Either form this is one tough dragon lady. Usually if you do a spell it comes back to the person who sent it three times more powerful. But dragon lady knows how not to get the black magic she sends back. This is why she is so formidable and hated in the Bible.

The Norse god Thor succumbed to her venom. This huge dragon encircled the earth. Thor before death managed to deal this dragon a fatal blow before he dies. This encirclement of the earth, in the Norse is the equivalent to when the Bible says that " She sits on many waters", meaning that this dragon lady controls the whole earth until someone big enough, strong enough comes along to over come her powerful magic. In Lord of the Rings the eye and the ring serve the role of this dragon. Dragon also represents a person with desires and standards that no one can meet. This person is constantly angry with others for noncompliance, but due to the nature of the demand no one is able to meet it.

In alchemy the dragon replaces Turkey Vulture in American Indian totems. The dragon represents both the volatile and the fixed elements and the balance of both. Here is where turkey vulture has some things in common with dragon. Dragon is a symbol of never ending vigilance, so is turkey vulture to the American Indians.

The Chinese have the dragon as a symbol of the highest plane of existence (the Force itself) to the earth plane to the underworld. In Chinese the dragon is the only being capable of traveling from the highest to the lowest unscathed. Here again the dragon represents the dark side of the Force or the judgment arm of God. Here dragon is more of a Palpatine outwitting all below who think themselves great. The Chinese considered dragon to be the yang element or positive. The dragon had special powers It could be visible or invisible. The dragon could be tiny or huge, short or long. They could fly high in the sky or low to the earth. Dragon could be bright or dark. The dragon controlled the rains and nourished crops. Here dragon to the Chinese are similar to the frog to the Egyptians.

"A dream of seeing a dragon without a tail or feet or a dragon falling to the ground portends the end of a state or dynasty." book called "The Interpretation of Dreams in Chinese Culture" by Fang Jin Pei and Zhang Juwen. Some times a dragon dream means that the dreamer will get to meet the Emperor. The color of the dragon in Chinese is important for example; a black dragon in a dream that comes to this monk meant he was going to die. A red dragon in Chinese is strength and vitality.

Dragons are seen guarding treasures and the golden fleece, this symbolizes hidden wisdom that will open up for you or a new threshold that you will soon cross in life. Dragons like snake symbolizes the Kundalini. The dragon is connotated with the male phallus strength and excitement. This is the Basilisk form of dragon The basilisk is cobra-like in some lore, therefore attributes of snake and cobra should be studied as well. Basilisk can breath fire and has a deadly venom. Whenever an animal has a deadly venom it can teach you how to have a deadly venom or how to transmute it so as not to die of the venom.

It could kill with a look from its eyes. This symbolic killing is about a change in spiritual consciousness. The shock is due to the suddenness and the rapidity of the change as one reacts to suddenly bumping into a basilisk or cobra-like creature. This is enlightenment the hard way or the Sith path due to the sudden convulsions represented in the basilisk symbolism. Remember dragon is related to the snake and the lizard with the bird ability to fly. The pterodactyl would be the closest thing to a real dragon discovered by scientists.

Like all snake symbols, the dragon as basilisk has great magical properties. Its skin could repel spiders and snakes and thus provide protection against them. Silver rubbed with its ashes would become gold. Crystal could reflect its deadly venom. This is why wizards liked the crystal, to wield its deadly venom but under the control of the wizard.

Basilisk can teach you how to entrance and control using eye contact. Hitler was a modern person known to use this magic to gain adherents. There are many German accounts of how Hitler looked in peoples eyes and instantly, mysteriously gained their trust and loyalty. This is why Hitler is attributed to being a foreshadowing of the infamous Anti-Christ. On the bright side basilisk is attributed to the Holy Spirit giving the gift of discernment, meaning the ability to see into another person's spirit and instantly knowing whether said person is good or bad. Basilisk is a lizard found in central and south America which has the ability to sprint across the surface of the water while standing on hind legs, upright like a man. Because of this " walking on water" it is also called the Jesus lizard thus giving it all the light side traits associated with Jesus. This lizard is found in the rain forest which symbolizes the life sustaining abilities of Mother Earth. Here basilisk is a symbol of life. So like the turkey vulture basilisk is a symbol of both life and death and eternal life in spiritual form and merging with the Force. Here dragon is not only complicated and dialectical but it embodies qualities of many animals such as crow, turkey vulture, snake and lizard and the solar aspects of hawk and eagle. Dragon is one of the most complicated of totems.

Basilisk due to the lore of guarding treasure one can invoke it to protect the belongings in your house. Before you do, it is a very heavy dense energy when used for this purpose. This is why the Bible says do not store into barns because the magic used to protect your precious objects is more foul and heavy than a full blown death curse. This is why all practical magic books tell you to think twice before invoking this spell.

In Egypt the population of serpents, dragons and snakes was controlled by the ibis, a bird that eats snakes.

Dragon as a source of creation and destruction links it to Shiva creator, sustainer and destroyer. Also again turkey vulture of the birth, death, rebirth process. If dragon comes as a totem in a dream or vision it means that your senses and life energies will be amplified. Dragons are the most sensitive of all creatures since in their symbolism they embody a composite of many creatures. Dragon is the force of wisdom, strength and spiritual power. It is a primal force of creation and a guardian. When dragon shows up, you will begin having greater strength and guardianship in your life.

Remember when you get dragon it is your intuition and your communication with the Force is how you can see what dragon is saying to you. These are guides not cannon only you know what dragon is saying to you when dragon arrives. Only you know your life circumstances that made dragon appear in the first place. If you are honest with your self and meditate to find the answers you will enjoy your walk with the animal world. Any and all additions are welcome.


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