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Meditation- 7- Healing Breath

Syllable: hoo (pronounced "who," with lips rounded and tongue suspended in mid-mouth, as though blowing out a candle)


  1. Stand in Horse Stance. Bring hands out to front, just below the navel, with palms facing up to the sky and fingers aligned. Start inhaling slowly through the nose, while raising both hands together up the center of the torso.
  2. When hands reach the heart and breath is full, start exhaling through the mouth, aspirating the syllable hoo. At the same time, turn one palm out and around 360 degrees, so it faces the sky, and continue raising it upwards. Turn the other palm in and around 180 degrees so that it faces the ground, and bring it back down the front.
  3. When breath is empty, one palm will be extended up towards the sky above the head, while the other is extended down towards the ground at the groin. Turn both palms around so they face one another, and slowly bring them toward one another on the next inhalation. Palms should reach heart level just as inhalation is complete.
  4. Start the next exhalation and aspirate the syllable hoo, while continuing to move the descending palm downward, and turning the ascending palm around 360 degrees and continuing to push it upward, reaching full extension above and below just as exhalation is completed. The syllable need not be sounded out loud; the important point is to form the mouth and throat as though pronouncing that specific syllable.
  5. Turn the palms and bring them slowly together at the heart as you start a new inhalation. Repeat 6 to 12 times.

Benefits: Improves digestive functions of spleen, pancreas and stomach. Promotes secretions of digestive enzymes. Helps heal ulcers. Eliminates bad breath caused by incomplete digestion in the stomach.


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