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Meditation- 6- The Chalkboard

Here is a simple meditation exercise:

  • Get in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  • In your mind, picture a chalkboard like the kind you had in school.
  • The chalkboard tray has chalk and an eraser on it.
  • Picture yourself in the first person perspective picking up the chalk.
  • Try to imagine the smell and the feel of it in your hands.
  • Draw a circle on the chalkboard.
  • Now write the letter "X" inside the circle.
  • Now put down the chalk and pick up the eraser.
  • Imagine the smell of the chalk inside it and how it feels in your hand.
  • Now erase the "X" from inside the circle without erasing the circle.
  • Now erase the circle.
  • Now open your eyes and forget the chalkboard.

If you can do this simple exercise then you have good visualization skills, something that you will need to be able to expand your mind to the point you can work within the Force easily.


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