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Meditation- 15- Golden Light Healing Meditation

Find a quiet space to sit or lie down comfortably, and close your eyes or soften your gaze so that you're not focused on anything visual.

Begin by taking several slow, calming breaths. Breathe in for a count of four, hold for a count of four, then out for a count of four. If you get dizzy, you're breathing too quickly. If you feel out of breath, you're breathing too slowly. Adjust your rhythm to match your body's needs.

Keep breathing evenly throughout the meditation.

Do a mental body scan. Start at the top of your head and work down, noticing any areas of pain, soreness, stiffness, tightness, or aching. How is your head feeling? Your face? Your neck and throat? Your shoulders, your arms, your hands? Your chest? Your stomach? Your back? Your hips, pelvis, and bottom? Your thighs, your knees, your lower legs? Your ankles and feet?

Keeping in mind the areas that didn't feel good, visualize your body with the hurt areas as black light.

There is all sorts of energy moving around the world. Visualize bits of warm golden light, healing energy, swirling around you. As you breathe in, draw the healing golden light into your body through your mouth and nose. As you breathe out, send the cold black light of pain and ache out of your body, to dissolve in the air.

Your body may feel warm as the golden light pushes out the cold black light of aches and pains, and does its healing work on your body.

Breathe in, and draw the healing golden light into your head and face. Visualize your head filling up with warm, healing golden light. Breathe out, and send the black light of negative thoughts, headaches, and tension out of your body.

Breathe in, and draw the warm golden light deeper into your body, down into your neck and throat. Breathe out stiffness and aches.

Breathe in, and draw the golden light down into your shoulders and arms. Feel the burdens of the day melt off you, and your hands ready to help and heal. Breathe out the weight that you always carry on your shoulders.

Breathe in, and fill your body with golden light down into your chest and stomach. Fill your lungs and belly with healing golden light. Breathe out the black light of the hurts that tightened your chest and twisted your stomach.

Breathe in, and let the warm golden light flow down through your back. Many of us carry tension in our back. Let the healing golden light gently warm and relax your muscles, and breathe out the knots and aches in your back.

Breathe in, and send more golden light into your hips, pelvis, and bottom. Breathe out the black light of the stiffness from the sitting you've done today.

Breathe in, and let the warm golden light infuse your legs, down through your thighs, your knees, your lower legs, your ankles, and your feet. Your legs work hard every day, carrying you where you need to walk. Breathe out the soreness in your muscles, and breathe in rest for your hardworking muscles and joints.

Spend a few more minutes breathing in the golden light and breathing out the black light, focusing on the specific areas that are bothering you, until your entire body is suffused with golden light.

When you're ready, slowly bring yourself back to awareness of the space you are in.


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