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Jul-Qui's Lessons- 1- Force Ball
Written by Jedi Jul-Qui

This experiment involves the understanding of the Force on a tangible level, something that can be felt and experienced.

A brief explanation is, it is a magnetic or energy field created by the Force flowing throughout the body and containing within it the Force or subatomic particles in a Force bubble. This technique can be used to assist Force healing, a focus for meditation, as well as other things.

It also allows the person experiencing it to see where their limitation or fear of the unknown is. A little skepticism is healthy, but taken to the extreme as humanity has and still experiencing is very limiting.


Find some time and a location where you can sit quietly, with no distractions.

Sit in a chair or cross-legged on the floor on a cushion.

If you meditate, take a few minutes to calm and balance yourself.

If you don't, relax your muscles starting at the feet and moving upward till the body is totally relaxed, you will know when you achieve this as the jaw opens slightly though the mouth is closed.

Then inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth four times slowly. This allows you to clear your lungs and mind in preparation. Then settle into your normal breathing pattern.

Place your palms together before you, fingers together pointing upward at about chest height, slowly part the hands to the distance of a small rock melon, or cantaloupe.

Close your eyes and remember keep breathing normally, allow the Force to flow from your right hand to your left. It can sometimes feel like a tickle or warmth in your hand, other times imagining light or something that looks like white paint flowing over an invisible ball helps.

When it reaches your left hand the energy will begin spinning, as it is contained within the Force ball, you may sense this, but if you don't do not worry, do not stop it let it keep doing this for a while, as more of the Force will fill the space between your hands.

After a couple of minutes you may have a sense of warmth between your hands. Don't let it bother you, just experience.

Another 5 minutes later gently move your hands together fractionally / slightly; you will feel a resistance like an inflated balloon in your hands! This is the Force ball.

If you do not feel the resistance, move your hands in and out slightly. If you still do not feel it, move your hands out to where they were, and continue filling in the space with the Force, for another 5 minutes, then move them in as you had before.

If at the end of this you still do not feel it, you may have to work on this over several days, till you unlearn what you have learned that blocks you.

If you do experience the Force ball move your hands around it, top to bottom or the sides checking on the sense of it.

Then if you have a plant toss the ball to it or if no plant, toss the ball out through the window even if it is closed, NOT AT IT, the kinetic energy alone can shatter the glass if the energy is high enough.

Also don't toss it at anything electrical. Why not? I will explain another time if you truly wish to know.

Shake your hands, take a couple of deep breaths, think about what you have experienced. If you're a little skeptical okay, do the experiment on another day and just for a little bit longer and see the results.

Get up slowly, if you feel a little unbalanced, it's okay, it happens to a number of people the first time they experience it.

You can use this Force ball for healing; there is an adaptation of this Force ball. All you have to do is think of filling the Force ball with Force healing energy. As you ask or think it, the Force knows what is required. If you keep a plant in the room you practice in, and toss the ball to it when you are finished and continue this every time you do the experiment, you may see something amazing happening to the plant over several days.


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