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The Responsible Use of Power
The Path to Enlightement
The Path of a Jedi
Happiness and Study

The Responsible Use of Power

A Jedi acts from wisdom, using persuasion and counsel over violence and Force powers. The Force is to be used to serve the interests of the Light. Using the Force for personal aggrandizement, for personal power or wealth, for convenience when other means would be more prudent are all traits of the Dark Side.

The Jedi's guiding philosophy is to choose the peaceful, quiet, and subtle methods over the bold, active, and forceful. In this way, the natural order of events is disturbed as little as possible.

The Path to Enlightement

For most students, initiation into the mysteries is not an entirely likable experience. True enlightenment is a radical goal, requiring great sacrifice and fearless abandon in its pursuit. Realization of the goal can be devastating. You will discover knowledge, which will change you forever. You may forsake your old ways and beliefs, turn your back on your old ambitions and goals, and lose the loves of your life.

Things which are tied down securely, and ideas which hold water, will survive, but impractical or useless artifacts, false or muddy concepts, questionable practices and sentimental attachments will be swept away or left behind. Expect the quest to break your heart at least once.

Be careful. You will probably have no conception of what you are getting into. However, if you insist, in spite of this warning, in going on with your training, there are many compensations. Remember that what you choose is what you get. The future you will discover is the one you have sought in your quest, whether you know it or not.

You are both the sculptor and the clay. Seek danger and you will find it. Seek love, fulfillment, and knowledge, whatever you most long for. The cost may be great, but you will find it all.

The quest for enlightenment in the Jedi way is dangerous to the caterpillar, but essential to the butterfly.

The way of the Force does not come easily for the weak-willed or for the arrogant. Study well, practice always, and find your strength in the Light Side of the Force. These things you must never abandon, for to do so would cast you closer to the thin division between the Dark and the Light.

Peace and tranquility benefit. Tension and strain do not. Initially, the tranquil student may not achieve as much, or progress as fast as one who pushes and drives the body with mind and ego, but, in the long run, the student who maintains inner calm and stresses mind and body synchronization in his training will go far beyond the level which could ever be achieved by one who is forever straining and fighting to achieve a successful workout or other goals in life, one to whom every training session is a test, and completion of every task the end in itself.

The Path of a Jedi

The Jedi way can be applied to every situation in life. It is whatever you want it to be. You are in control of yourself and your situation when you accept the Jedi way as such.

All the defensive and offensive techniques can be learned in a short period of time without great difficulty. A bright student can become adept at the physical aspects in a year or two.

The purpose of the Jedi way, however, is not so easily revealed. A lifetime of devotion may not unfold the basic truths of which the Jedi way consists of.

A slow student requires more devotion, and, if he can find that dedication within himself, he has more chance of reaching the truth then a quicker student who accepts the knowledge casually. Devotion is the key, the question, and perhaps a large part of the answer, as well.

Learning how to use the Force is often a matter of unlearning many other things. Once we all had a natural flow of the Force from the universe to us, and it flowed in turn from us to the universe. Just as a baby knows how to breathe naturally, so too it knows how to use the Force. As people grow up, however, they tighten up, develop new habits as behaviors are forced on them, and gradually forget how to keep this natural flow. As a result, babies can sometimes do things adults cannot. They can, for example, keep their tiny fists closed so that they are almost impossible to open. Adults, however, can do this only with great effort. It is usually only during a crisis, or when under hypnosis, that adults can tap this hidden power and do extraordinary feats they could not do otherwise.

When in combat a Jedi empties her mind of all thoughts. She does not think about what cut to make with her sword, where to put her left foot, or how fierce the opponent looks.

This idea is not so strange if we think of ourselves riding a bicycle. After one learns how to ride a bike, it is far better not to think about how to peddle, how to steer, and how to keep one's balance. If one thinks about all these things at the same time, one is sure to fall off the bike. In this same way, a Jedi learns techniques in practice, and then in combat does his best to totally empty his mind.

Happiness and Study

Happiness depends on mental health and inner peace more than any outside factors. Jedi study promotes inner peace, mental health, strength, fortitude, and patience.

The Jedi Arts are not a cure-all, and instruction can fail to instill these qualities. However, given that the burden is on the student, the Jedi arts can bring happiness, long life, success, life without drugs or other crutches, self-awareness and self-confidence, freeing the mind to cope with outside forces more effectively, promoting understanding and eliminating confusion and frustration. Success in all endeavors follows.

True mastery of the Jedi way cannot be accomplished solely through practice and study. Nor can the Master be the whole source of information. This is good enough for the beginning or casual student, but inadequate for the serious student. The student must rely on himself and other sources to complete his information. Philosophy, religion, medicine, art, music literature, and science (especially physics) must be pursued until the student attains reasonably full understanding of these things. The student must make his own way. If this seems a lot to accomplish, perhaps one should reexamine one's goals to find if one has the will required to go on with this quest.


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