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Jedi- 8- The Padawan's Jedi Oath

The Padawan's Jedi Oath
Being a Jedi

The Padawan's Jedi Oath

I promise to uphold the Jedi Code.
I promise to respect all life and to help those weaker than myself.
I promise to use the Force only for good; never in anger; only to defend those who cannot defend themselves; to find new ways to improve myself so that I may be an example to others.
I promise to give guidance to those that seek it; while not seeking to lead or rule them.
As a Jedi I must always oppose those who revel in evil and seek power for the sake of power.
They are the plague on society that the Jedi seek to cure.
In the absence of the Jedi, evil will thrive.
In the presence of just one Jedi, evil will evaporate.

Being a Jedi

What the Force allows you to do also confers upon you a great burden. To act without forethought and due deliberation is no longer possible. You have to be very certain of what you are doing, for a single misstep could be a disaster. While you may make mistakes, you have to do everything you can to minimize their impact. It is not enough to do the greatest good for the greatest number, you have to do what is best for everyone. There is no walking away from the new responsibility you accept. You might well choose when and where to reveal who and what you are, but there is no forgetting, no leaving that responsibility behind. Your commitment to others has to be total and complete. You are an agent of the Force every day, every hour, every second; for as long as you live, and then some.

Jedi skills in the Force are rooted in three areas. Control is internal. It is the Jedi's ability to recognize the Force in himself and to use it to his benefit. Sense involves the next step, in which the Jedi recognizes the Force in the universe outside herself. Here she feels the Force and is able to draw upon it for information about the world around her. Through it she is connected to the rest of the universe. Alter is the third and most difficult area to master, for it involves the student's ability to modify the Force and redistribute its energies. Through these skills, the Jedi can influence the Force, making changes as needed to accomplish its goals.


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