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Jedi- 32- Patience
Written by Jedi Archivist Kethrim

As Jedi, we must remember patience. Patience is a very important part of our lives as Jedi, because it enables us to step back and be more objective and less emotional when deciding on a course of action.

It is absolutely imperative that all Jedi learn patience. It has been said that "Patience is not a gift, but a lesson to be relearned daily." This is important to remember. While some people are naturally more patient than others, it is not beyond anyone to learn to be patient.

Patience is one of the first things a Jedi must and will learn, and one of the most important. If a Jedi is not patient with their studies and with others, then the pull of the Dark Side increases. They will want things to be quicker and easier, which is the way of the Dark Side.

Many Jedi have fallen because they believe that their Master is not teaching them as much as they need. They believe they are ready for more knowledge and tests, when in reality they forsake the most important lessons. A Jedi must work diligently on the lessons their Master gives them. Explore, learn, and discover every facet of the lesson; master it. Continue to do this throughout your training and life as a Jedi. You will be presented with more lessons at the proper time, whether from your Master or from your life. Always take every opportunity to learn and grow, and you will find that life is full of learning and growing opportunities.

A Jedi must also be patient with others. Let us use an example: You are on a sports team. The coach is giving you a new play. It seems simple to you; you quickly learn it and perform it well. There is another player on the team who cannot get it. Every time you run through the play he makes a mistake- he just cannot seem to learn it. Now, you have a choice. You may choose to be angry with him and yell at him for not getting it right. Or you can be patient with him, and try to help him understand it. I suggest you choose the latter. This way he'll probably understand it, you won't be angry, and you will have praticed patience, not to mention that the play will probably work better, thus benefitting your entire team.

If you are patient with others, they will have a higher respect for you and a better opinion of you. You will have more friends, and strong friendships. You will also see things from their point of view, and you can benefit others. They can also help you with troubles you have. This can lead to the practice of other virtues, such as unity and teamwork.

Be patient in everything you do.


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