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Jedi- 31- The Jedi Master
Written by Jedi Archivist Kethrim

It is accepted that through the course of a Jedi's learning and training, one goes from youngling, to Padawan Apprentice, to Jedi Knight, to Jedi Master. While it is clear that one becomes an Apprentice when taken on by a Master for training, and we see in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace that one must pass the Trials to become a Jedi Knight, it is not so clearly stated how one proceeds from Knight to Master.

In this age of the Internet, many Jedi are part of an online Jedi Order. In this case, the Order will have standards for a Jedi to measure up to the rank of Master, and those in charge of the Order will bestow the title when appropriate.

There are also many Jedi, such as myself, who are not part of any Jedi Order, other than the order to which we all belong by nature of being a Jedi, which is run by no one. These Jedi might begin to call themselves Jedi Masters when they feel that they have achieved a level worthy of the status. Some of these Jedi might call themselves Masters even when they might not be worthy of the status. As always, judge people by their words and actions, rather than by taking their title as gospel.

The term Master is also often used by non-Jedi to refer to any Jedi, as a title simply used to confer respect. Should you correct someone who calls you Master when you are not at that rank? It depends. Will correcting them embarass them unduly? Will not correcting them be seen as a lie of omission? A Jedi should look at the possible consequences of an action rather than deferring to either blind honesty or blind deference. Use your judgment in each case individually to decide.

It should also be noted that while the title and rank of Master carries with it respect and a certain measure of authority (though not over other Masters, regardless of how long they have held the rank), it should not be used as a point of pride or overemphasized, which is usually a sign of vanity.

In the end, being a Jedi Master is not terribly different than being a Jedi Knight. A Jedi knows that their learning is never truly complete, and that there is something to learn from every situation and every person, no matter what they seem to be at first.


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