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Jedi- 28- Emotions

As Jedi, we are forbidden to allow emotions to interfere with the will of the Force.

Why is this so?

Any emotion will block you from hearing the will of the Force clearly. The stronger the emotion, the more your connection with the Force will be blocked. However, we do not forbid feeling emotions. A Jedi is taught to feel the emotion, understand where it comes from, how it affects his mind, body, and connection to the Force, and release the emotion, letting it pass through him. Then he will be able to act without his connection to the Force being blocked by the emotion.

Why must a Jedi feel the emotion at all? Why explore it so much?

If a Jedi feels an emotion but pushes it away before fully understanding it, she will not recognize it the next time she feels it, and will have a harder time dealing with it. She might also be feeling other emotions mixed in, but as she does not fully experience the emotion, she will not realize it, and her connection to the Force will be blocked.

Negative emotions lead to the Dark Side. Should a Jedi experience those as well?

A Jedi must experience all emotions, positive, negative, everything. Only then will he understand how the emotions affect him and others, and only then will he be able to act without his emotions getting in the way of the will of the Force. All emotions must be experienced and then allowed to pass through, whether they be hate or love. It is usually not necessary to seek out feeling these emotions, as they tend to come up from time to time in daily life.

What's so bad about love?

Love is a tricky emotion. On the surface, it seems totally positive. However, the spectrum of emotions is not a straight line, but rather a circle. As extreme emotions, love and hate are actually very close to each other. Thus, feeling love can open one up to feeling hate. If someone hurts someone you love, you may start to hate that person. Also, love can lead to fear. If you love someone, you may fear something bad happening to them or you may fear losing them. Thus, love can be just as dangerous as hate or any other negative emotion.

However, love does not always lead to hate. A Jedi should love and respect all life, in all forms. Regardless of what the life is, a Jedi must have unconditional love for life. Because we love life, we strive to protect it, but again, we must not allow love to get in the way of the will of the Force. A Jedi seeks to protect life, but sometimes she must kill. This must be only to protect oneself or to protect others who have asked for the protection. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Sometimes there must be the end of life, to protect other life. Always listen to the Force, for it will tell you when killing is necessary. A Jedi should always seek to avoid killing whenever possible.

You have every right to feel emotions. Allow yourself to feel them, really feel them, and then let them go. If they come back, feel them again and let them go again. There is no shame in one's emotions.

Jedi can't control how they feel. But they can control how they choose to handle how they feel.


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