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Jedi- 27- Wisdom

If a hundred thousand people do a dumb thing, it's still a dumb thing.

Wisdom is found in knowing what you know and knowing that you don't know what you don't know.

A person who knows he has committed a mistake and doesn't correct it is committing another mistake.

When a wise man repents of his mistake, he makes amends by acts, and when a foolish man repents of his mistakes, he makes amends by words. If you are sorry for what you have done, then I suggest that you make amends by real acts. There is nothing wrong with saying that you're sorry, but it is in actions that your true apology will be seen.

What should concern you are the following: that you have forgotten to cultivate your character, that you have neglected your studies, that you have not been able to follow the right course when you have seen it, and that you have not been able to correct your mistakes.

To be patient and gentle, ready to teach, returning non-evil for evil: that is the Jedi way.

The Jedi, by living a life of simple truth and earnestness alone can help to bring about peace and order in the world. Only after having a definite purpose in life can one achieve calmness of mind. Only after having achieved calmness of mind can one have peaceful repose. Only after having peaceful repose can one begin to think clearly. Only after one has learned to think clearly can one achieve knowledge. There are a foundation and superstructure in the constitution of things, and a beginning and an end in the course of events. Therefore to know the proper sequence or relative order of things is the beginning of wisdom.

Talking easily leads one into trouble because when you talk, you use so many words, and it is easy to let them out of your mouth, but difficult to take them back. Think about your words before you say them. It may take practice, but in the end, it is easier to be careful with the words that you speak than to attempt to fix any damage they may have caused.

Do not worry about people not knowing your ability, but worry instead that you do not know them.

There is only one cycle that is without end. That cycle is life and life is what creates the Force.


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