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One can only tell the light from the dark when calm, at peace, and passive. If a Jedi is angry or upset, he will have a much harder time seeing what is light and what is dark. This is why a Jedi must not allow emotion to interfere with decision-making or problem-solving, for it is too easy to slide down a dark path.

The Force is like any element of nature- it has both positive and negative aspects: the Light Side and the Dark Side.

The Light teaches peace and harmony. It is the constructive side of the Force from which all love, understanding and knowledge originate. It is the essence of life. Those who are at peace with themselves can learn to harness the amazing powers of the Force.

The Dark Side is the counterweight to the light. Many young students falsely believe that the Dark Side is stronger than the light, but in truth, it is only easier. The Dark Side springs forth from the negative and destructive impulses of all living beings: anger, fear and hatred are its symptoms. Death and war are the byproducts of the Dark Side. It is dangerously seductive to those who lack the ability to control their emotions and passions. Those who give in to the Dark Side find their abilities greatly enhanced at first, but as time passes, the Dark Side does not respond so readily. The Dark Side demands more and more of those in its power.

Those who are sensitive to the Force soon learn that there is no middle ground between the light and the dark. For most beings, unaware of the power of the Force, the struggle between light and dark is not as powerful and not as compelling. For those attuned to the Force, the struggle of good versus evil, life versus death, is of utmost importance.

Those who learn the ways of the Force must be careful to remember their own inner peace or they will surrender themselves to the Dark Side. They must be careful not to start down the path of the Dark Side, for its self-destructive ways are difficult to leave once embraced.


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