The Jedi Training Archive
Jedi- 24- Mastery

There are four kinds of mastery essential to the Jedi:

  • Mastery of the Force
  • Mastery of the heart
  • Mastery of strength
  • Mastery of adaptation

Persist too intensely at what is currently beyond your depth, and your fidelity to that course will bring misfortune and no gain. Remember patience.

If at first the reasons for why a teacher trains you in the same thing over and over again may be unclear to you. Do not despair. For as the roots of a tree are usually hidden from the observer, so too is the purpose behind most training often not seen by the new student. Some who find training boring and painful often quit at this stage of training. They are overanxious to know everything at once- to taste the fruits and see the flowers of a full-grown tree, as it were- and often fail to realize that the Jedi way, like the tree, must begin slowly, down in the dirt, and only after this foundation has been set and a long period of growth has taken place will the tree bear fruit.

True competence comes from not only training the reflexes, but from training the mind as well. All too often young Jedi have superior physical skills, yet their ability to concentrate and relax their minds is lacking.


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