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Jedi- 23- Breathing

A Jedi should train herself to breathe like a baby. While this may seem a strange idea, adults do, in fact, breathe differently than babies. A baby breathes naturally from the tant'ien, and if you watch, you will see its stomach area move in and out as it breathes. If you watch adults breathe, you will see their shoulders and chests move. While all people breathe naturally from their abdomens when they sleep, adults have long since forgotten how to do this when they are awake. This can cause undue tension, and those who breathe high up in the lungs, raising their shoulders, do not get as much oxygen as "belly breathers." Those who want to use the Force correctly must learn how to be in tune with nature once again.

Lung breathing, although effective in the short run, and potentially very forceful, is nevertheless artificial and incorrect. It expends a lot of energy quickly, but it is not natural. In times of great need this type of breathing may be practiced, but remember that this type of breathing burns up and wastes far too much energy and does great harm to the body. Training yourself to belly breathe gets more oxygen into your body, which helps with everything from fighting to running to studying to using the Force. Train yourself to breathe properly and you will have more energy for everything.


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