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Jedi- 21- Dedication

No gain comes without a price. You will forever carry the distinguishment of your teacher's presence, as well as the taint, the traits of his own masters as well.

Never forget your training as an apprentice, even though the end nears with each passing day. You must remain dedicated to the Jedi way no matter the cost.

Think of peace and honor, and act upon only that.

The Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and negotiation, seeking the most peaceful solutions to every problem.

As Force-users trained in the Jedi tradition, some students concentrate more on diplomacy, scholarly pursuits, and the spiritual side of the Force than on more physical activities. Healers and researchers seek to better understand the nature of the Force and their connection to it. Mentors and teachers hope to instruct others and pass on what they have learned. Negotiators and mediators are skilled at bargaining and striking compromises. Counselors train themselves to be versatile, able to handle many situations without reaching for a weapon.

Other students concentrate more on combining physical training with mastery of the Force. They concentrate on battle prowess, defense, and physical training. They take their undertakings seriously, considering even mundane missions to be personal tests. Most of these follow the Light Side, but some become Dark Siders and use the Force for evil or selfish intent. Those imbued with the Light Side refrain from using the Force for every task, preferring to find other solutions and save the Force for when it is truly needed. Those who succumb to the Dark Side use every advantage, wielding the Force to solve even the smallest problem, as a soldier would use a gun to destroy a fly.

Though one chapter of your training may draw to a close, you must never cease your practice. It will merely take on a different form, but still it continues.

Mastering the ways of the Light Side of the Force requires tenacity, serenity, concentration, and a willingness to remain open to possibilities that seem implausible. Most Jedi Apprentices encounter difficulties with at least one of these areas, and therefore rely on an instructor, usually a Master, to help them recognize and overcome whatever obstacles stand in their path.

Those interested in learning of the Force and the techniques that manipulate it should locate a teacher willing to impart such knowledge to them.

The Force, like electricity or the wind, exists and can be felt, even though it has no color, no smell, and no shape. The effects of electricity or the wind or the Force can sometimes be seen, but the Force itself cannot. One can see a tree being blown over by the wind, but one cannot see the wind itself.

Explained very simply, the Force flows through out every person's body along certain pathways. In some ways, the Force and these pathways are like electricity and circuits. When electrical circuits are clear and electricity flows easily, an electrical system will work well. If a short circuit occurs, or wires become disconnected or broken, then the electrical system will fail. In a similar way if the flow of the Force along the pathways in the body is interrupted or in some disorder, illness or disease will result.

Along with the instructor, a student of the Force also has duties. Typically, a Jedi Apprentice spends the majority of his time attending lectures, receiving one-on-one tutelage, practicing Jedi skills and techniques, and reviewing what he has already learned. On rare occasions, he may find an uncluttered moment to enjoy a favorite pastime or just a short respite from his daily work, but usually he remains focused on his efforts day and night.

In addition to Force-related study, an apprentice must also perform routine chores required by his life, such as going to work or school. For an apprentice, however, these tasks serve a more important purpose then mere upkeep; they teach a student humility and wisdom as well as simplicity, three traits every Jedi must possess to shield him from the Dark Side in all of its shadowy guises.

Learning to use and manipulate the Force occupies less then half of an apprentice's time. Rather, most teachers concentrate on teaching the responsibilities of possessing such power and the role of a Jedi in the universe.

Grasping the basics of any skill requires time and great expenditure of effort on the part of the student and also the teacher, in some cases. Practice of the technique itself accounts for only a portion of this time, since the teacher tempers progress with caution, ensuring that the would-be Jedi does not succumb to the lure of quick power. Those apprentices who ignore this aspect of acquiring skills often balance on a fine line between light and dark.

Your training will be a landscape of self-discovery. Learn new things and share what you have learned with others.


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