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Jedi- 20- The Light Side and the Dark Side

The Force is a mysterious energy field, which surrounds and binds together everything in the galaxy. It is a neutral, impersonal power, which can be used for good or evil.

The Light Side of the Force is selfless and non-aggressive. Those who follow it teach peace and harmony.

The Dark Side, on the other hand, is a destructive and violent power. Those who follow it are consumed with the pursuit of power and a desire to dominate over others.

At the start, a student of the Dark Side may be more powerful that a student of the Light Side, but as time progresses, a natural balancing effect takes place. The more powerful a Dark Side student becomes, the more dominated by the Dark Side he is. Light side practitioners, on the other hand, discover that the Light Side does lead to great powers in time, but only after years of patient study.

Some things cannot be taught directly. Some things you must find in yourself. If it were to be shown to you, to be pointed at as if saying, "Look, here it is" you would not understand it. Jedi must be willing to look into their own hearts and spirits. If you do not, you will never become a true Jedi.

I would not discourage you from seeking knowledge of the Dark Side. To do so would only heighten your desire to possess that knowledge. I will not dissuade you, but I will warn you of the shadowy crevice you will enter should you choose to access that knowledge. Remember, however, that there is a difference between learning of the Dark Side and learning in the Dark Side. It is important to know about the Dark Side, because then you will know how to avoid falling into a dark path, and what you are up against when you fight someone who is ruled by the Dark Side.

First, don't be fooled. The Dark Side musters much of its energy to masquerade as the Light so that it might lure the uninitiated into its grasp. By the time the hapless victim discovers his error, it is too late- the Dark Side has ensnared him, holding him in the shadow both by its own power and by the fallen Jedi's relentless hunger for more.

Second, do not overestimate your own abilities. Countless Jedi have found themselves entwined by the Dark Side, unable to free themselves from the black hooks that they themselves have jabbed into their own souls. No matter how they twist, grasping for some strand of the Light that still remains within their reach, they continue to plummet into the abyssal pit of the Dark Side. These Jedi believed they were masters of the Light-and some were- but they did not understand the nature and power of the Dark Side, and failed to listen to the warnings.

Do not believe that the Dark Side is stronger then the Light. It only appears to be more powerful because it is easier and quicker- at first. It draws you in, offering you more power than you can imagine, but as you begin to use that power, the Dark Side lends its assistance less and less, eventually sustaining itself by siphoning your own Force energy until you become its helpless host. You believe you have ascended to mastery, but in truth you have fallen into slavery.

Learn of the Dark Side. It will aid you in your struggle against it. But take care not to succumb to its sometimes-irresistible lure- your chances of returning to the light are less then nothing.

When we seek the Dark Side, we seek our doom. Too often, we are successful.

The Dark Side's influence is stronger in moments of weakness. Do not let yourself be distracted.


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