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Jedi- 2- Wisdom for Jedi Students

Be warned to proceed at a cautious pace, for the lure of the Dark Side is all that more powerful when you rush to embrace and control the Force. Seek the Light, always. Shun the Dark, always. May these words stay with you forever.

When studying the Jedi way, just take one or two sections a day. Never mind whether the passage is difficult or easy to understand, or whether it is a profound passage or not. Just read on from the beginning of the section, and if you don't get the meaning by reading, then use some thinking, then read again. Turn it back and forth and try to get its meaning. Thus after a while, you will understand what is in it.

In reading, be careful not to read too much. Read a little and it will be easy to thoroughly master it. All real insight from studies is gained in this manner. After all, to understand the language of the text is one thing; to comprehend its full meaning is another.

It is a common weakness of readers to understand the superficial side without catching the hidden meaning of what is written.

The way to avoid this weakness is to spend some real thought on it. At first, you will find that this understanding requires a lot of energy, but after you have gained enough general insight and understanding, it will require little time.

A person should not participate in an organization or cause that he does not believe is reasonable or just. Once he truly believes it is right, however, that person should not abandon a course of action even if it brings him hardship and peril.

You have come here to better yourself. You can't do this and still remain the same as you were. You must change, starting now and continuing to do so from here on out. When this process of change ceases, progress stops, crystallization sets in, and decay inevitably follows.

Always strive to enjoy learning, even when it is difficult. For it is the journey that ultimately matters, and you must always work your hardest no matter what, and never give up. Then, no matter what happens, you know at least that you didn't quit on yourself.


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