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Jedi- 19- Fighting

Have no hard feelings toward anyone who has not shown you enmity. Do not fight with anyone who does not attack you. Remember that ideally, a Jedi would not fight at all. Failing that, fight only to defend yourself or others who cannot defend themselves.

Jedi fight because they have to. They prefer to be peaceful and to solve conflicts through peaceful manners, but sometimes fighting is necessary. A Jedi must learn when fighting is necessary, and when a solution may be brought about by other means.

Jedi plan before they do things. They consider problems and prevent them.

Those who are skilled in combat do not become angered; those who are skilled at winning do not become afraid. Thus, the wise win before they fight, while the ignorant fight to win.

A skilled attack is one against which opponents do not know how to defend; a skilled defense is one which opponents do not know how to attack.

Five things are to be assessed before undertaking any action:

  • the Force
  • the weather
  • the terrain
  • the opposition
  • discipline

A Jedi should have these virtues:

  • patience
  • intelligence
  • trustworthiness
  • humaneness
  • courage
  • compassion

Toe-to-toe battle is the last resort of the skilled warrior. It is best to win without fighting. Wear them down with flight, foster disharmony within their ranks, manipulate their feelings, and use their anger and pride against them.

A Jedi must know when to fight and when not to fight.

Suspicion raises walls and allows fear to grow. That can interfere with your ability to use the Force.

It is not for you to sculpt the Force's flow to your purposes, but for you to be sculpted into that which more easily works with the Force. Success comes with feeling, understanding and controlling the Force. Remember, you are a conduit through which the Force works. The Force is not your servant; it is your master. You must listen to the Force.

You will find that at some point, the Dark Side will speak to you. It is seductive, offering you everything with little effort on your part. Learn from the lessons others have endured, so their strength can become your strength when you face that test. Being tempted by the Dark Side does not mean that you have fallen, or that you are a bad Jedi. A good Jedi sees when the Dark Side is trying to seduce him and he overcomes the temptation. This makes him a better Jedi and strengthens him.

When opponents come to attack you, do not fight with them, but rather set up a strategic change to confuse them and make them uncertain, deflecting them from their original intention to attack, making them reluctant to fight with you. Then you may be able to solve the problem without violence.

When a Jedi does find it necessary to defend himself, a moral code should accompany his fighting practice. As a Jedi, he should follow certain ideas of loyalty, respect, and honesty toward others, and strive for attitudes of unselfishness and benevolence toward the world at large.

It is wrong to fight indiscriminately.

One is not supposed to use her Jedi skills, for example, to get more money or better clothes, or to show off her technique. Instead, such skills are to be used for self-defense purposes or to help others. This code explains why Jedi refrain from doing unnecessary harm to those who attack them.

Weapons training is essentially the same as training without weapons; now weapons are used as an extension of the hands. Students practice basic strikes and blocks with their weapons in the same fashion that they practiced their bare hand techniques, with constant repetitions.

There are five dangers a Jedi must be aware of when he must fight:

  • being too willing to die
  • being too eager to live
  • being too quick to anger
  • being too puritanical
  • being too sentimental.

Any one of these dangers in excess creates vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited by opponents.

When a Jedi is waiting on the fringes of a situation, before the appropriate time to go to action has arrived, he must be steady and avoid giving in to impulse- then he won't go wrong.

When a Jedi knows himself and others, he is not in danger.


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