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A Jedi's most valuable asset is his code. He must believe in the Jedi Code, but also have a further set of values, his personal code. Whatever that may be, he must have it and be true to it. He who has no code is an animal. Every Jedi has his code.

If a man tells you he has no code, that truly he is his own master, then his master is the Dark Side and we know how to deal with it. Honor. Virtue. Truly, even the Dark Side has a code. The Dark Side and its servants cannot bear up in the face of virtue. Absolute honor destroys the Dark Side's power absolutely.

Many times on the journey toward understanding, one encounters crippling paradoxes.

Mastering others requires force; mastering the self requires enlightenment.

A journey of a thousand miles starts under one's feet, with the first step.

The Force is a bigger, broader concept then any one system of beliefs can necessarily encompass. Even the wisest of Jedi understand it incompletely.

The Force does not "root" for anybody, or anything: not the light or the dark or even a balance of the two. The Force just is.

The Jedi student must not be deluded; do not deny that there is a Dark Side to the Force. Do not deny that it can affect you.

Some may claim you cannot speak of the Dark Side until you have experienced it. In this they are wrong. A doctor need not contract a disease to diagnose and treat it.

There may come a time when you feel embarrassed by how others perceive you. But what does it matter? What they or anyone else thinks of you is really immaterial. It's what you are, and what you think yourself to be, that matters most.

The Jedi doesn't believe the Light is the only way to know the Force. They just believe it is a preferable model to employ in understanding the Force, and a better long-term strategy.

When speaking of the Light Side and the Dark Side. It all comes down to the nature of evil. Evil is selfishness while good is selfless. If you take an action that benefits you, only you, and hurts others, you are evil. If you do what must be done to prevent harm to others, if you become the buffer between them and evil, then your actions will be good. That is to say your intentions will be good. Your actions may still be evil. That is the problem of course, evil is always easy and resisting it is never so. Evil is relentless; and anyone, if they tire, if they are not vigilant, can fall prey to it.

There are situations where opposing evil may result in harm coming to the innocent.

Life is not without pain, but life concerns itself with how we handle that pain, or joy, or confusion or triumph.

Life is more than time passing before death, it is the sum and total of all we make of it. Decisions may not be easy, but many is the time when not making any choice, not taking an action is worse than a poor decision. Evil flourishes where it is not opposed, and those who are able to oppose it must act to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

A Jedi should know as much as possible about everything.


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