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Jedi- 16- Understanding Balance

Everything has a pattern, starting with the subatomic structure of a pebble and extending to the stars themselves. Find the pattern, understand the manner in which it is woven.

There is no why. Clear your mind of questions. Then you will understand.

Unless your heart is wide open and your mind is orderly, you cannot be expected to be able to adapt responsively without limit, to deal with events unerringly, to face great and unexpected difficulties without upset, to handle everything calmly, without confusion.

Deal lightly with matters of consequence, and decisively with those of little consequence. It is difficult to face a crisis and solve it gently if you are not resolved beforehand, for uncertainty will impede your efforts. When the time comes, thinking forward allows you to deal lightly.

The Jedi seeks balance- balance of the self, balance with society, with nature, with the universe. The ideal state for a Jedi is to be neither hard nor soft, but to be both hard and soft. It is to be like water.

Water is soft. It flows and will take any shape. If you press down on a pool of water, the water will give way to the hand. Yet if you have ever been hit by a wave at the beach, you know the tremendous power of water.

As a Jedi, one does everything in both a hard and a soft manner, much as a towel can be snapped. A towel by itself is loose, limp, and soft, yet if it is snapped quickly, like a whip, it becomes powerful and is rigid and hard at the moment of conflict.

No one Jedi fighting system should be considered superior to any other. Some people are tall, some short, others fat, and still others thin, so everyone's body will move differently. A system suited to one person's body might not be suitable for another. It is therefore advisable to seek a good teacher who may be able to tell you what system would best suit you.

The Jedi way is directed toward the full discovery and use of a human being's full potential- a potential that is barely tapped during the average person's lifetime.

A Jedi must always remember danger when he is secure and remember chaos in times of order, watch out for danger and chaos while they are still formless and prevent them before they happen.

If you are quiet and inconspicuous, others will not be able to figure you out. If you are accurate and orderly, others will not be able to disturb you.

A Jedi does not use arms because of his emotions.

The stillness in stillness is not real stillness; only when there is stillness in movement does the Force manifest itself. What this means in a very simple way is that it's easy to be peaceful and calm if you're alone on top of a mountain or deep in the woods, but try for that same peace of mind while moving through rush-hour crowds in a city, or while sitting in the middle of your screaming brothers and sisters. If you can feel calm during this, then you have truly accomplished something.


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