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Jedi- 15- Purposefulness

One very important aspect of proficiency in the Jedi way and in all phases of life is purposefulness- the ability to act deliberately rather that arbitrarily. Most of us spend our lives in a random fashion, reacting to stimuli without thinking, as though we were chemicals in a compound, instead of creatures of free will. The Jedi way teaches us to choose, to have the power to see all the alternatives and to act according to our own wills rather then on the whims of other people or events. This power is much more useful for self-defense than are mere kicks and punches.

A Jedi Master will usually not waste his time with someone who is interested only in self-defense. When such people appear, the teacher will usually tell them to carry a big stick and not bother him. The teacher prefers to teach small classes of dedicated students and leave the business of instructing poorly motivated students, who are only interested in fighting, to someone else. In the Jedi way, one can be a student, a knight, a master, or a grandmaster- the student is often like the son or daughter of his teacher; should the teacher call in the middle of the night and ask for something, the student will do it. This sort of response is not expected of the casual student.

There is no secret technique that will make you invincible. There will always be an individual or circumstance that will best you.

With the power of the Force comes a danger which requires training to overcome, namely, to avoid manipulating people and events to our own advantage. The simplest example of this responsibility is the Jedi Way, which states that the power must only be used in self-defense. Even this statement falls short of the ideal. The true goal is doing good, improving yourself and others, teaching, and healing.

A Jedi Apprentice walks a long, difficult road to skill and knowledge of the Force.

Unless your mind is calm, you will never be able to concentrate.

A student studying with a Master should not take on a student of her own.

If someone asks you who is the most skilled Jedi, think on this before answering. "Some Jedi see the spirit of the Dark Side and remove it before it takes shape, so their names do not get out of the house. Some Jedi see the Dark Side while it is still extremely minute and cure it. So their names don't get out of their neighborhood. As for others, they see the Dark Side after it has blossomed and defeat it then. Their names sometimes get out and are heard by everyone." The less time the Dark Side is allowed to grow, then the less direct conflict is needed. Less conflict is better, in the sense that knowledge of the problem is key to the solution.

To overcome the Dark Side without fighting is the best skill.

Mercy is first and foremost among a Jedi's virtues.


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