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Jedi- 14- Power

The Force flows everywhere. It fulfills its purpose silently and makes no claim. It does not show greatness, and is therefore truly great.

The way to the Force is to benefit, not to harm.

A Jedi feels no heat or cold. A Jedi can extinguish pain. Strengthen yourself with the Force.

Doing anything with haste can lead to impatience, and that invites the Dark Side.

Some will say that it is all right to use the Dark Side as long as it is used to do good. What they are saying is that the ends justify the means for attaining them, and that is wrong. It's as wrong as anything because it allows them to rationalize away any behavior as good.

People start amassing power for this goal or that, and they convince themselves that it's for a good thing. Then when they get enough, they find circumstances have changed. They find they need more power or they need to wield this power in ways they didn't expect before. An opponent who won't listen to reason becomes a bug who needs to be squashed instead of a friend who just needs to be convinced. Power turns to poison in those who hoard it. They assume others want their power, will resort to any means to get it, and that frees them to retaliate in any way they can to protect their power.

There is no good that comes from evil. Someone using the Dark Side for good seems fine, perhaps, until you ask why he would do it. Is it for his own good, and that of his people? If so, how will he deal with the next threat to them?

Don't entertain the idea that you could remain uncorrupted by dealing with evil for what you see as a good purpose. That is putting the first foot on a very steep and slippery slope. If you slip, it might be possible to get back to the top, but someone will pay during your descent. You should not wish to inflict that on anyone.

A Jedi's role in society is to take action and responsibility for those who cannot. A Jedi places himself where he can defend the greatest number of people from the greatest evil, even if it costs him his life. There are times when that sacrifice feels right. It's a judgment the Jedi will have to make for himself when the time comes.


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