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Jedi- 13- Combat

In combat, it is important that strategy be unfathomable, that form be concealed, and that movements be unexpected, so that preparedness against them be impossible.

What enables a good fighter to win without fail is always having unfathomable wisdom and a modus operandi that leaves no tracks.

Only the formless cannot be affected. Jedi hide in unfathomability, so their feelings cannot be observed; they operate in formlessness, so their lines cannot be crossed. This is why they are skilled fighters.

There are certain types of conflict where you might not even realize that you have an adversary. You would not even have a chance to defend yourself. How do you fight a sniper armed with a silenced rifle? How do you fight an assassin who stabs you unseen from behind? How do you fight the man who rigs your car to explode when you turn on the ignition?

There is no way that you can fight him.

Since you cannot successfully fight this adversary, you must learn to protect yourself in other ways. The Jedi refines his perceptive abilities to a level higher than most humans have, and becomes sensitive to input from the Force in addition to his physical senses. This ability to perceive this is what we call "premonitions of danger" or "Danger Sense."

An attacker, whether man or animal, puts forth his harmful intentions as a sort of vibration or thought impulse. Just as we say that sights, smells, or sounds are things, we can also say that thoughts are things. These thoughts are there to be perceived, regardless of whether or not we are sensitive enough to pick them up.

When we are sensitive enough to detect this intention of harmful action, the Jedi can fight back by simply not being where the attack will take place.

This ability to perceive potential danger is developed by learning how to tune into a level of thought higher than routine individual consciousness. Just as we all share a common realm of visual perceptions, tactile stimulations, and sound impulses, we share a range of higher frequencies broadcast through the Force. That is affected by thought impulses. If we are sensitive enough, we can utilize the Force just as we utilize sight, or taste, or hearing.

A Jedi must see alone and know alone, meaning that he must see what others do not see and know what others do not know.

Once a student asked a Jedi Master how to defend against a strong punching or kicking attack. The reply was, "No matter how strong an attack is, if it falls on empty space, it is useless." In other words, the best defense is to not be there when the attack comes.


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