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Jedi- 1- The Jedi Way

This Archive is intended to be used by the Jedi candidate in conjunction with his training in the ways of the Force.

The Force is an energy field, which is generated by all things and has been theorized and experimented with, since the origin of man. The Force was somewhat understood by the yogis and martial artists of the past. Many of these lessons have evolved from their studies of "ki" or "Chi", and "prana", in association with the universal life force. The Force encompasses everything, both animate and inanimate. Without the Force, there is no life. It is the knowledge of the Force and how to manipulate it through the power of the will that gives the Jedi Knight his special abilities.

For many of you, this series of lessons will be as a seed planted in fertile soil, which will in due time put forth sprouts which will push their way gradually into the sunlight of your consciousness, where they will bring forth leaves, blossom, and fruit. Many of the fragments of these truths which will be presented will not be recognized by you at this time, but in the years to come, as you continue to train and progress, you will recognize the verity of these impressions, and then will you make these truths your own.

The student, who is in harmony with his teachers while learning the ways of the Force, will establish a connection with them. In this way, the candidate will be able to grasp the essence of the teachings and to receive the benefit of the master's thoughts in a degree impossible to one who merely reads the words in cold print without the use of the Force.

It does not matter whether the statements are accepted as truth by all. Those who are ready for the truth, will intuitively recognize it, and as for the others, if they are not prepared to receive the truth, no amount of argument will assist in their progress. When a soul is ready for the ways of the Force, and the teachings are uttered in the presence of a qualified candidate, it will be recognized and appropriated. These teachings are just planting the seed, and that for every idea which the student grasps at first, there will be a hundred which will come into the field of conscious recognition only after the lapse of time.

We do not mean that a teacher insist upon the student to blindly accept every truth that is presented. On the contrary, the candidate should accept as truth only that which is true for himself. The student is taught that he must develop and unfold along the path of the Force before he may recognize some truths. Accept nothing as final or truth until you have proven it; but, if you are wise, you will profit by the advice and experience of those who have traveled the path of the Force before you. Everyone must learn by experience, but others may serve as pointers of the way. At each stage of the journey, it will be found that those Jedi who have progressed a little further on the path have left signs and marks and guide posts for those of you who follow. The wise person will take advantage of these signs. Teachers do not ask you for blind faith, but only for confidence until you are able to demonstrate for yourselves the truths they are passing on to you, as they were passed on to them, by those who went before, or learned slowly over many, many years of trial and error.

One who wishes to go along the path of the Force needs to study the reality of the external universe and the reality of the universe within. Everything in the universe, by nature, shares the same spirit with the universe. All phenomena- physical, mental and spiritual, come from one source, and all these are connected through the universal Force. It is one of the duties assigned to the Jedi Knight that she should polish day by day the spirit shared with the universe so that her relationship with others and the Force may be in peace and harmony.

The way of the Jedi is to give life to all things, to reconcile the universe, and to foster the completion of everyone's journey along the path. All Jedi Masters, Knights, Padawans, and students should work together to accomplish these things.


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