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The Force- 3- Heating and Cooling

Force Heat is a technique that is aimed at forming a heating sphere around the user, which would serve to protect him/her from harsh temperatures found in many environments. Force Cooling is a similar technique that works the opposite way, forming a cooling sphere. Below is the description for Force Heat; to use Force Cooling, simply reverse the directions.

How does this sphere work?

This sphere uses the energy of the Force to fuel itself, creating heat in the fluid around the user's body. It works best with gaseous fluids as these are easiest to transmit heat to, and draw the least energy to do so. It works, albeit with lesser efficiency in liquids, and is almost totally useless on hard materials, due to the enormous amount of energy that is to be harnessed from the Force.

How do I use this technique?

First make sure your mind and body are rested as possible, to avoid any physical and mental distraction. When these conditions are met, proceed as follows:

  1. Form an energy barrier around your body, approximately 10-20 cm from your skin. It is good to visualize this barrier the color you associate with heat and fire. Make this barrier feel unbreakable and solid. This will help contain the Force energy you will be harnessing.
  2. Once the barrier is complete and without any holes or weak spots in it, open yourself to the Force. Let it first fill you and flow through you. Once you are comfortable with the sensation, exude the flow of the Force through your body (arms, hands, entire body, whatever suits you) at the same time drawing more of it in, like a black hole that converts the Force into heat. There will be no damage to the Force, as it permeates many forms, including thermal energy.
  3. At this stage you must divide your mind. This is the most difficult part, as it requires you to both draw from the Force and exude the thermal energy into the field contained within your barrier. The barrier, once set, will remain there for a length of time, or until deliberately broken, so you need not attend to it. Depending on the conditions of the environment you are in, it will take various amounts of time and energy to heat the air (or a fluid) to a comfortable level. Also remember that the barrier helps, but is not 100% effective. Energy will be lost rapidly and will constantly need to be replaced. Its effectiveness all depends on your ability to draw from the Force.
  4. When there is no more need for this technique, simply stop drawing and exuding energy. The temperature will drop gradually, and if you disperse the barrier, it will simply vanish, returning to normal levels.

This technique works well in stable conditions, while turbulent movements of the fluid you are in will make maintaining the whole effect that much harder. Yet it can be of great help when heat is needed, and can protect well if there is shelter but no alternate source of heat. Remember, however, that it requires great control over the Force, and the best that can be expected is a rise of a few degrees Celsius, enough to prevent freezing, but not enough to offer substantial comfort during low temperatures.

It is very important to practice this technique. With repeated performing of this technique, the amount of time required will drop drastically, from a few minutes to a few seconds. The above technique can also be easily adapted to cool in hot weather.

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