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The Force- 2- Sphere of Responsibility

What is it?

The Sphere of Responsibility is one of the Jedi's most crucial abilities and one of the most crucial concepts to be understood. The sphere shows a Jedi all that he is entrusted with by the Force. This is how a Jedi can know when he must act and when something is beyond his influence. Many Jedi wonder exactly how far their responsibility goes to give aid. The sphere serves this purpose. Anything inside the Sphere of Responsibility you can sense is something the Force is entrusting you to deal with. For example, say that your sphere stretches out in a 10 yard radius, and you are sitting in a classroom listening to your professor and you feel a fight going on in the room directly to your back. Now you can't very well get up and go break up the fight, and it probably wouldn't do too much good if you did. What you could do, however, is begin to smooth out the roiled emotions that cause all those disturbances in the Force. This will allow the people involved to think more clearly and more rationally. If you are capable of other abilities that should be used, you should use them. This gives you an idea of what you need to respond to. Now to the actual technique:

How do I do it?

The basic Jedi Sphere of Responsibility goes something like this: You must concentrate inside of yourself and find your center. Gather your internal Force energy in that center. Feel it compress into something about the size of a fist. Now expand the edges of the ball to encompass your body, but nothing outside. Imagine the inside being water. Once you can feel things within your body as such, then you can move on. Reach out to the Force outside your body. Infuse it with the Force that is inside of you and once more push the edges. This time let them extend in a spherical shape outside of your body. The trick with this is to find the point at which you can still sense everything inside, but if you expand it any further, then you will not be able to sense anything inside it anymore. Once you have found this edge, if you think you aren't channeling as much Force as you potentially could into the sphere, channel more into it and expand it. You might be able to get a few more inches this way. Now it isn't enough just knowing how to do it, you also need to know how it works.

How does it work?

The Force you feel outside of yourself is the links between the internal Force that exists in all living things. The links in between these living things are so numerous that they become compressed into a pool of energy around you. When you expand your sphere from inside of yourself to the outside, your sphere will detect everything living inside it, because the sphere is made of Force energy, and Force energy is in turn created by living things, and therefore is connected to all living things. The sphere will also detect the non-living things because of the gap they leave in the Force.

You may wonder why you cannot sense these connections innately. Well, some people can. You may even be one of those people, without having realized exactly what you were sensing. Some people's innate connection is strong enough that they might have sensations of sensing something long before they undergo Jedi training. This is due to their connection to the Force. As a Jedi, when you expand your sphere, the amount of your own internal energy that you have also in the sphere gives you a stronger connection to the Force, allowing you to sense it better.

Think of it this way. Let us say that your sphere is a giant glass orb, in which you sit in the center. You fill it up with your energy, which we will say is salt. When you pour the outside Force into it as well (which will be represented by water), you get salt-water. Well the higher the concentration of your energy is present the better the sensing is inside of it. So if you expand it to double the distance it was when you were just using your internal energy, then you have half as much of your own energy in it, so therefore you can only sense half as well. Your energy becomes diluted in the outside energy, making your personal connection to everything inside the sphere diluted. As your Jedi skills increase, the sheer amount of energy you have inside of you will increase. This allows your sphere to enlarge, encompassing more and also symbolizing your Jedi responsibilities expanding with your abilities. This also ensures that you can handle any responsibilities that are laid onto you. So if you are ever feeling like you are buckling under the load, just take heart in the fact that the Force considers you worthy of the load and considers you capable of bearing it all. And so it will aid you in all you do.

It is helpful to make note often of how far your Sphere extends, so you always know what you can do and what you need to do.

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