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Book Pages
Memory Lock
Telepathic Colors
Number Mind Reading

Book Pages

Try this exercise next time you're reading a book. It is very simple: don't use a bookmark. Instead, before you close the book, take a look at the page number. You can strengthen your memory by forcing yourself to recall the last page number you memorized. If it's not working, keep trying. The ability to do this will come with practice.

Memory Lock

This exercise is quite simple and is useful in your everyday life. The idea of this exercise is to trigger a memory, so you can remind yourself of something without having to write it down.

  1. First, you must choose the thing that will later trigger the memory. I usually use a visual trigger, but really, anything can be used: something you see, something someone says, a sound you hear, the act of entering a certain room, etc. Anything that works for you can be used.
  2. Once you have chosen the trigger, you must lock the memory. This can be done by firmly thinking to yourself, "When I see/hear/do this thing, I will remember this," thinking, of course, of your trigger and the memory you wish to trigger.
  3. When you next encounter your trigger, it should cause you to think of whatever you wanted to remember.

Some examples:

Visual trigger: If you want to remember to go to a certain website when you next sit down at your computer, you would lock the memory of going to that website with the sight of your computer. (This could also be an action trigger: the action of sitting down at your computer.)

Audio trigger: If you want to remember that you must get up immediately when your alarm goes off, instead of hitting the snooze button, you would lock the memory of getting up with the sound of your alarm going off.

Action trigger: If you want to remember to water your plant when you enter your room, you would lock the memory of watering your plant with the action of entering your room.

These triggers can last for a long time, if you want them to, or you can tell your brain to forget the trigger.

This may not work the first few times you try it, but with practice, it will become easier.

Telepathic Colors

An exercise to be done with one or more friends. Person #1 picks a color, and closes his eyes and thinks about the color. Person #2 (or however many are doing this exercise) closes her eyes and tries to use the Force to pick up on what color Person #1 is thinking about. This exercise can be done quite effectively by even someone who has never trained in the Force.

A common problem with this exercise is that people often choose predictable colors, and the partner guesses based on her knowledge of the person rather than the telepathic image of the color. A way to try to avoid this could be to pick colored cards or use a spinner with colors on it, of course keeping it out of sight of the other person.

Number Mind Reading

I learned this "trick" at summer camp, and therefore may be looked on as a game of sorts, but it can be used as a mental telepathic training exercise. This exercise is to be done with a partner.

  1. Sit facing your partner. Have her hold out her hands, palms down.
  2. Hit each of her hands in turn (not too hard) and ask her which hand hurts more. Have her put her other hand down.
  3. Take the hand that hurt more and gently run your fingertip down the top of each of her fingers. Ask her which finger tickles more.
  4. Turn her hand over. Gently squeeze each section (between the joints) of the designated finger and ask her which section hurts more.
  5. Focus your vision and the Force on that section. Tell your partner to think of a single-digit number, to really focus on that number.
  6. Very soon you should see or get a sense of that number. Trust your instincts and don't second-guess yourself.

This exercise is slightly less accurate than the previous one, but just as impressive to someone not trained in the Force.


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