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Ahweh's Lessons- 2- Sensing Your Personal Energy
Written by Jedi Healer Ahweh

The following is a meditation to increase your sensitivity to your energy. The length of this meditation is your choice, though you should start with fifteen minutes. Set yourself up as you would for any meditation.

Hold your left hand in the air.
In front of you just above your lap.
Palm up and relaxed.
Close your eyes.
Take three long deep breaths.
Relax your thoughts.
Now focus your attention on your left hand and how feels.
Is it hot, cold, heavy, light or some other feeling.
If some other feeling presents itself, focus on that feeling and see what happens and where it goes.

Now do this exercise 7 to 10 times over the next week and document what happened during each session as best you can, then e-mail your results and questions to Ahweh.


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