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Crafting and Selling Sites
Kethrim's Designs on Ravelry
Go? Fencing? Clever Fencing Accessories
Bethany Katherine Designs
Bethany Katherine Designs on Facebook
Selling crochet and knitting patterns that I design.
Fencing-themed t-shirts, cards, mugs, and lots more!
Knit, crocheted, and sewn gifts and toys for kids, cats, and adults.
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Social Sites & Contact Info
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Kethrim on Ravelry
Contact Info
Find me on Ravelry as Kethrim.
Find me on Facebook, but please friend me only if you know me.
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AIM: kethrim
MSN: kethrim AT yahoo DOT com
YIM: kethrim
Email: jedikethrim AT gmail DOT com
Skype: kethrim

The Jedi Training Archive
Kethrim's Blog
The Binder
An archive with information on training in the Jedi arts.
A blog where I talk about my crafting projects, my cats, and whatever comes to mind.
A collection of short works: poems, short stories, plays, lists of quotes, comics. You will also find The Saga of Dom Wafkon, a fantasy novel-in-progress.

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